Jupiter’s Legacy recently released its first teaser trailer where we did get a hint of the show following the world’s first superheroes. In fact, their children will be now taking over their roles in order to uphold their parents’ legacy and keep the world safe. The superhero group will be lead by Josh Duhamel who will be playing Sheldon Sampson who is known to the world as The Utopian. 

He’ll be supported by fellow superheroes that include Lady Liberty aka Grace Sampson (his wife) and Brainwave aka Walter Sampson (his brother). After watching the released trailer, you may have got this thought that something looks familiar. Here’s what exactly has struck your mind.

Source: HeyUGuys

If you get rid of the gray hair and beard, then you’ll recognize Duhamel whose acting career began in 1999. His career actually started off in 2004 with his first big role in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! Later, he got to be a part of one of the Transformers films that came out in 2007.

With time, he also shifted to a soap – All My Children and later continued with television roles. And now, the audience is waiting to see him tackle the superhero genre through his role in Jupiter’s Legacy.

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